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Welcome to my new blog!

The Summary: I am writing this blog in an effort to share my insights, experience, and expertise from a 20-year career spent working mainly in technology with small to medium-sized organizations. Background: When I began my career in 1995, I was quickly promoted to become a manager of other human beings. I was not promoted because of my natural leadership and management skills. I was promoted because the organization was experiencing explosive growth and the CEO needed people to help manage that growth. I was young and eager so I said yes to the opportunity.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anyone to teach, mentor, or coach me on how to be successful in this role. As is typical in most small businesses you have to just make it up as you go along. I decided that I would take the initiative and just teach myself how to be a manager. I began by reading everything that I could find about management and leadership on the weekends. The following week I would take what I had learned and apply it in the real world. It didn’t go well at first.

Over the course of the next 20 years through trial and error, I began to improve and get better at leading organizations and managing people while I continued to be a “student of the game.” This brings us back to why I feel compelled to want to share what I know.

The Bottom Line: 1. I know that there are individuals out there who want a resource where they can get advice about how to be successful in their new role. 2. I know that there are organizations out there that want to grow the company but don’t know how to do that. 3. I know that there are leaders and managers struggling with different approaches to building, motivating, and creating a culture of high performance. For all of these cohorts, I want this to be just one of the many resources you utilize in the vast array of tools that you need to be successful. It is my hope you might come here to learn from me, engage with me, and teach me. I intend to publish new content here weekly and covering topics such as:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Planning

  • Strategies

  • Systems thinking

  • Design thinking

  • Agile thinking

  • Mentoring/Coaching

  • Confidence

  • Bullying

  • Scaling the business

  • Innovation and Transformation

  • Toxic culture

The Ask: Your time is precious therefore I appreciate any time you spend engaging with me about the content that is here. I would simply ask that you engage with me by:

  1. Hit that “Subscribe” button in order to receive the email which will notify you when there is new content.

  2. Hit that “Login” button in the upper right in order to become a member. Additional membership benefits will be coming.

  3. If you enjoy and receive value from the content please like, comment, and share. Conversely, if you don’t like the content also feel free to share because remember I am still a “student of the game.”

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