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A Mission-Driven Consulting Company
Our Values

We believe that:

  • Organizations that are disciplined and dynamic about monitoring changes in their industry, updating and aligning strategies, preparing and executing tactical activities have the essential elements of success.

  • The framework, systems, and tools that we recommend and prescribe to our clients are something we utilize every day therefore we have a "practice what you teach" philosophy.

  • Organizations that keep their client/customer needs at the center of the organization will always be more successful.

  • People's intellectual, social, and emotional capabilities are the engine that drives the success of the organization, and that our ability to find tools, systems, and processes to unleash their talents is crucial.

  • People support what they help create which means it is crucial for them to work in a culture that finds ways for them to collaborate and involve them as we pursue the goals of the organizations.

  • Organizations that know how to build and maintain people's trust while showing them that they are respected and valued will achieve great results.

  • We must be a learning organization which means we must be continuously updating our body of knowledge and expertise.

Dan Schoepf, CEO, Prospects to Partners

"Matt Heelan is one of the most thoughtful, process-driven professionals I've had the pleasure to work with. His solutions are sustainable, revenue-generating decisions and he's candid about his ability and will never over-promise and under-deliver. You're fortunate if you cross paths with Matt."

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