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A Mission-Driven Consulting Company
Who are we
Our Story

The Haystack Group has partnered with a diverse mix of tech founders, entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations. From these collaborations, a shared theme emerges, highlighting two core challenges:

  1. Boosting Sales and Business Development: Key to growth is strategically improving sales methods and expanding businesses.

  2. Smart Scaling and Operational Excellence: As growth happens, smart scaling and refining operations to match bigger goals become crucial.

To conquer these challenges, our clients have turned to us for help in crafting systems, structures, frameworks, and tech tools. Together, these make up comprehensive strategies, roadmaps and sales/operational plans, which transition growth from a concept to a reality.

At our core, we believe in the power of simplicity – a value that guides us in contributing to organizational progress and effective growth.

Dan Schoepf, CEO, Prospects to Partners

"Matt Heelan is one of the most thoughtful, process-driven professionals I've had the pleasure to work with. His solutions are sustainable, revenue-generating decisions and he's candid about his ability and will never over-promise and under-deliver. You're fortunate if you cross paths with Matt."

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